Senator Adams Aliyu Oshiomole has lauded the collaboration between the Italian government and the Initiative for Youth Awareness on Migration Immigration Development and Reintegration (IYAMIDR) in their efforts to combat the growing issue of unemployment in Nigeria.

Oshiomole, a former governor of Edo State, expressed his appreciation after meeting with the Italian delegation led by Dr. Antonio Lovecchio, the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Order of Malta Sovereign Order and the facilitator of Italian training projects between IYAMIDR and GOA Consulting Training Institute and Nino Bergesse Training Institution Genova Italy.

The training program, which will last between three to six months, will focus on gas pipe welding, rail track installation and maintenance, yacht maintenance, scaffolding, catering, and safety management. Its aim is to bridge the unemployment gap among Nigerian youths and create opportunities to foster patriotism.

Excited about the program, Oshiomole stated, “This project, if well coordinated, will increase Nigeria’s GDP, boost our economy, and transition us from a certificate-based economy to a skilled economy, which is the driving force behind developed countries today.”

Dr. Antonio expressed his gratitude to the former APC National Chairman for his warm reception and pledged to utilize his Italian influence to promote investment in Nigeria, particularly among the youths who will undergo training in Italy, with the intention of establishing them in Nigeria.

According to the Italian Training Provider, “In Italy, we are not happy to see young people from Nigeria risking their lives crossing the Sahara desert and Mediterranean sea to reach Italy. Many have died during this journey, and even those who make it face challenges due to the European system. You need skills to secure a good job. That’s why we want to address the problem at its root.”

He further explained, “This project is a sponsorship program from an international organization based in the Netherlands and facilitated by the Transparency and Accountability Initiative (TAI). It will be carried out through the IYAMIDR Organization in the city of Genova, Italy.”

Solomon Okoduwa, the Executive Director of IYAMIDR, expressed gratitude to Senator Adams Aliyu Oshiomole for his continuous support and for graciously accepting the position of Chairman, Board of Trustees of IYAMIDR Nigeria.

Okoduwa stated, “What is happening now is the result of the good seed Senator Oshiomole sowed when he was the governor of Edo State. During his tenure, he supported returned migrants in Edo State, provided them with training, and offered hundreds of them jobs through the Edo YES project and Neighbourhood Watch. These programs brought hope and built many homes for youths in Edo State.”

He assured that the training program would be provided to participants at no cost.

The progress achieved so far sets the stage for a recently signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Genoa and Genova Consultant Training Institute.

The objective of this partnership is to enhance the skills of Nigerian youth in various sectors, thereby boosting the Nigerian economy and addressing the issues of unemployment and youth restiveness in the country.

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