In a recent interview on Cool FM in Lagos, renowned artist Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, widely known as Spyro, openly discussed his decision to refuse any potential collaboration with fellow artist Portable.

Spyro left no room for ambiguity, stating that Portable is the only artist he unequivocally refuses to collaborate with. When asked about the artist he couldn’t work with, the fast-rising singer explained that their musical preferences and styles are fundamentally incompatible. He expressed doubt that Portable would be able to deliver a performance that aligns with Spyro’s vision, should they ever collaborate.

During the interview, host Do2tun posed the question, seeking insight into Spyro’s perspective. “Not because I have an issue with him, but because our paths just don’t cross. Our styles of music don’t align. He won’t be able to do justice to the kind of music I would write for him because it’s not his style,” Spyro clarified.

When questioned about Portable’s singing abilities, Spyro acknowledged Portable’s talent but highlighted the intentional choice artists make when pursuing Portable’s genre of music.

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