Governor Bassey Otu of Cross River State has made a significant move to enhance tourism promotion, particularly for the younger generation.

During the 2023 Akwaaba African Travel Market (AfTM) at Eko Hotel and Suites in Lagos, he announced the return of the children’s carnival, aqua show, and the vibrant Night of Kings and Queens to the Carnival Calabar calendar. This decision aims to provide greater visibility and sponsorship opportunities.

Governor Otu emphasized the importance of sustaining and expanding the Carnival’s reach through public-private partnerships, naming rights, endorsements, sponsorships, merchandising, and activations.

He expressed his delight at being part of the 19th Akwaaba Africa Travel Market, highlighting Carnival Calabar as a cornerstone of tourism in Cross River State and Nigeria as a whole.

Carnival Calabar, often referred to as “Africa’s Biggest Street Party,” has been a key cultural event in the region, showcasing a rich tapestry of colors, costumes, floats, pyrotechnics, and artistic performances along its 12-kilometer route. It embodies the warmth and hospitality of the state and serves as an intellectual platform for entertainment, education, and information.

Governor Otu commended the creativity of the band leaders who have brought the carnival’s themes to life in the past, recognizing their role in making Carnival Calabar a vibrant cultural and diplomatic attraction that draws tourists to Cross River State and Nigeria year after year.

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