In a harrowing ordeal, a pastor recounted his traumatic kidnapping experience, shedding light on the brutal actions of the perpetrators.

The pastor, who wished to remain anonymous, shared his terrifying account, saying, “When the kidnappers came, they picked me alongside the station’s manager and a security man near a filling station. Once we were taken into the dense forest, they inquired about our occupations and demanded that we contact our loved ones for a ransom.”

The situation took a tragic turn when the security man made a desperate call to his brother, who happened to be a chief hunter, seeking assistance in raising the demanded sum. Tragically, this act of reaching out for help proved fatal, as the kidnappers mercilessly strangled the security man with a rope upon discovering his intentions.

Recalling the negotiations, the pastor said, “They initially demanded a staggering thirty million naira for our release, but after relentless pleas, they eventually agreed to accept five million naira.”

The kidnapped pastor concluded his account with a mix of relief and sorrow, revealing, “On the day my family brought the ransom money, the kidnappers gave me a mere one thousand naira and guided me through the dense forest back to the main road. It was a distressing experience, as we endured severe beatings at the hands of our captors before they finally received the ransom.”

This heart-wrenching tale serves as a reminder of the ongoing threat of kidnapping and the physical and emotional trauma inflicted upon victims. The authorities are urged to take swift and decisive action to curb such criminal activities and ensure the safety and security of the public.

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