By Eugene Winful.

May 29th, 2023

When armed men go rob a bank with a driver in their getaway car who doubles as watchman, the driver is impari delicto and will not be acquitted or handed a lesser sentence.

The 9th National Assembly was neither Honourable nor Distinguished. Both Houses were complicit in the abysmal failure that has characterised the PMB presidency. They shamefully failed to discharge their obligations – which is the dictionary definition of DERELICTION OF DUTY.

Both Houses, aided and abetted PMB in the perpetration of crimes against our nation. The action or inaction of both chambers portrayed a dearth of compassion for the misery of the common man – and that’s the dictionary definition of being INHUMANE.

In the twilight of PMB’s administration, there was a last minute ditch, to rub it on our faces and shove it down our throats by asking for a whooping $800 million loan (which would take decades to pay back). How cruel, atrocious and insensitive to millennials who would have been burdened with repaying the loan.
That singular act, days before PMB’s handing over, showed malicious intent —akin to giving us the middle finger as a parting gift! PMB was that daring because he knew too well that he had his accomplices in both Chambers! That PMB did not have his way eventually is a sheer miracle!

The scorecard showcased in the recently concluded elections, was a referendum on the 9th Assembly as over 200 members failed in their bids to return to both chambers.
That exercise was an indictment on not only PMB but to the self-styled Distinguished Senators and Honourable Members of the 9th Assembly.
This is what we get as a nation that “selects” rather than “elect” its

It is equally sad that PMB was a master in the art of putting square pegs in round holes. A look at some of the men and women that populated his “undissolved” cabinet, and heads of MDAs and Parastatals vindicate the above assertion. For instance, we had a cabinet minister who confessed to
not having the faintest idea of the demands of the key ministry to which he was assigned prior to his appointment. It is not rocket science that whatever is built on a faulty foundation would, in the course of time, crash like a pack of cards.

A friend of mine captured it simply: “Buhari FAILED”. And as sad as it might seem, more is likely to follow even after today’s handing over of a failed project. To put it in street parlance: E be like say this man don jazz us.

As a new President takes over today, may PMB never happen to Nigeria again!

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