by Ogbeni Olawale Dawodu Snr

A new star is emerging in Nigeria’s advertising sector: Artificial Intelligence (AI). Forget the days of flashy billboards or jingles with watery messages; AI is here to shake things up faster than you can say “Naija!”

Gone are the days of guessing which ad will catch the audience’s attention. With AI, advertisers can analyze mountains of data faster than a Lagos traffic jam clears up after a downpour. From social media trends to consumer behavior patterns, AI slurps up information like a seasoned suya vendor listening to BBC Hausa on his transistor radio.

But what does this mean for Nigeria’s advertising creatives? Are they being replaced by machines faster than you can say “how far”? Fear not, my people, for the human touch is still vital. After all, who else can capture the essence of Nigerian humor and culture better than our very own witty wordsmiths?

With AI’s help, advertisers can now tailor their campaigns to specific audiences with surgical precision. Want to target the infamous “big boys” in Lagos or the “GenZ” demography? AI knows just the right blend of swag and sophistication to reel them in faster.

And let’s not forget the magic of personalized ads. Thanks to AI, Nigerians will no longer be bombarded with irrelevant promos. Instead, we’ll get creative ads for the latest products or brands; be it Naija music, fashion trends, and of course, where to find the best “Mama-Put” in town.

But it won’t be all smooth sailing in the AI-powered advertising ship. There are still bumps on the road, like navigating Nigeria’s diverse languages and dialects. Sure, AI can translate text faster than you can say “wahala,” but capturing the nuances of Pidgin English or Yoruba proverbs? That’s a whole new ball game.

So, what’s the verdict on AI in Nigerian advertising? Well, it’s like jollof rice—everyone has their own opinion, but in the end, we all love a good serving.
Whether you’re Team AI or Team Traditional, one thing’s for sure: Nigerian advertising will never be the same again.

So grab your popcorn, sit back, and enjoy the show, because as e be so, the only limit is our imagination—and maybe a bit of NEPA’s unpredictability.

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