Over 100 anti-corruption civil society organizations, including activists and media executives, have expressed concern about the handling of the House of Representatives Ad-hoc Committee’s investigation into personnel racketeering and alleged mismanagement.

They emphasize that Haruna Kolo’s actions occurred prior to Dr. Muyeebat Dankaka’s tenure as FCC Chair and that Kolo did not directly work under her. The organizations assert that the ongoing media trial is unjust and call for a balanced approach.

The CSOs condemn the Ad-hoc Committee’s handling of the case, highlighting its unprofessionalism and disregard for due process. They question the committee’s focus on FCC Chair Dankaka, raising concerns about motives behind such a targeted investigation. The CSOs urge Nigerians to dismiss unfounded allegations and support Dr. Dankaka as she seeks to rebrand the Commission.

In the midst of allegations against Haruna Kolo, the CSOs emphasize the need for concrete evidence and legal procedures. They call for transparent documentation of any transactions and proper legal proceedings to ascertain the truth. The CSOs express outrage at the use of intimidation and humiliation tactics, demanding an end to such actions.

The CSOs assert that the Ad-hoc Committee’s concentration on the FCC is questionable, given its broader mandate. They ask whether Dr. Dankaka’s affiliation with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu and her reluctance to acquiesce to certain demands could be motivating factors behind the intense scrutiny.

Ultimately, the CSOs emphasize the importance of a balanced and professional approach to the investigation, urging the Ad-hoc Committee to cease its media trial and respect due process.

They assert that Dr. Dankaka’s right to defend herself against unwarranted attacks must be upheld, and they call for an end to the ongoing smear campaign.

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