Oyo PDP Chieftain and Special Adviser on Federal Constituency Matters, Hon. Dare Adeleke has described the Oyo State Governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde as the best among the best.

In a statement issued from his Ibadan base, Adeleke said: “Oyo has been extremely blessed with its geographical location, it’s leaders over the years and most importantly it’s resources with human resources being it’s greatest pride.”

“Indeed, Oyo is foremost in most developmental attainments as our state has put Nigeria on the map as the first in many progressive strides.

We have the University of Ibadan which is Nigeria’s foremost and first tertiary institution, and with it came the University College Hospital, UCH, Television was first broadcast in Ibadan, Oyo State with WNTV, Nigeria’s premier broadcasting station. In architecture, the Cocoa House which was the highest building in Nigeria at it’s time, is still a tourist attraction till date; just to mention a few.”

“In politics, from our first governor, Dr. Lam Adesina of blessed memory through to our present governor, Engr. Seyi Makinde, many of the regimes were commendable but as our dear state turns 48 years in existence, it is a special blessing from God that we have the best among the best, Seyi Makinde, the light of Oyo, Omi Tuntun as governor.” He said.

“Indeed our country has gone through and is still going through tough times. At no time than now do we need leaders with vision, compassion, and the general goodwill of the people at heart.

“His Excellency, Sey Makinde embodies all of this” Adeleke stressed, stating that: “He has brought immense progress and development, built human capital through people – focused policies and tackled every challenge with diplomacy and tact.

On security, the governor stands tall and today is regarded as a hero having championed the formation of Amotekun to protect Yoruba territories, undeterred by the huge opposition he faced at the time.

On education, he has increased the number of tertiary institutions in Oyo, built schools, paid bursaries, ensured there are books for students, and teachers are no longer gnashing their teeth over unpaid salaries.

“His scorecard in the health sector is nothing but excellent, with more health centers established and old ones rejuvenated. We can’t forget in a hurry his role in combating the deadly COVID -19. History will indeed speak of Seyi Makinde in glowing terms.”

“On development, the progress witnessed in Oyo is outstanding. Indeed Ibadan can be counted among the best metropolitan cities in the world with modern and effective public transportation and bustops, state of the art traffic lights with a much more civil population abiding by standard rules.

“Makinde’s Investment in road infrastructure has been lauded by all and sundry as rehabilitation and construction of all roads has eased movement of persons and goods.

“Makinde did not leave out agriculture, investors have trooped to Oyo due to dynamic government policy and their investments are yielding fruit.”

“Oyo has never witnessed such progress in such a short time and we are very grateful to God and our Governor, Engineer Seyi Makinde, the people’s governor, himself”. Adeleke Said.

He enjoined all Oyo citizens to carry themselves with dignity and pride wherever they find themselves because they are a great people, from a long line of kings and warriors.

“I congratulate our Governor, and all citizens of Oyo State and pray that God continues to bless us with good leaders like His Excellency, Engr. Seyi Makinde”, Adeleke said.

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