In a recent incident in the Ikorodu area of Lagos State, a naval officer named Adejobi Samson was apprehended for assaulting an Assistant Superintendent of Police, known as Alimi, at Aleje.

The altercation occurred on September 5 at approximately 9:30 am while the police officer was managing traffic.

According to an eyewitness, Adejobi was driving a minibus with the license plate AGL-85-2YA in the direction of a traffic light when the traffic warden instructed him to stop. Despite the instruction, Adejobi attempted to disregard it, but Alimi insisted that he wait for other motorists to pass.

This defiance angered Adejobi, prompting him to drive past the traffic light and return to physically attack the police officer. It was surprising to onlookers that Adejobi was a naval rating, as he was not wearing a uniform at the time of the incident.

The eyewitness, who preferred to remain anonymous, stated, “The policeman had assumed that the naval officer had already left and continued with his duties. However, the naval officer drove a short distance, got out of his vehicle, and approached the policeman directly. He confronted the officer, and suddenly, he pulled out a horsewhip from his trousers and began to lash the police officer.”

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