Sweden Sets the Stage for the First European Sex Championship

In a bold move, Sweden has emerged as a pioneer in recognizing sex as a recreational activity by officially registering it as a sport.

Taking the lead in this groundbreaking initiative, Sweden is gearing up to host the inaugural European Sex Championship on June 8.

Organized by the Swedish Sex Federation, the championship is open to participants from all European countries. Spanning several weeks, the tournament will demand participants to compete for six hours a day.

The challenges will encompass 16 disciplines, including seduction, oral sex, penetration, and more.

Sweden Sets the Stage for the First European Sex Championship”

Dragan Bratych, the chairman of the Swedish Sex Association, emphasizes that the focus of sex as a sport lies in maximizing pleasure. Consequently, participants will earn more points based on the satisfaction their partners experience. The evaluation criteria will scrutinize factors such as creativity, strong emotions, imagination, physical fitness, endurance, and workability. Familiarity with the Kamasutra will also be advantageous, with contestants earning extra points for incorporating its various techniques into their performances.

To determine the winners, a combination of audience votes (70%) and a jury rating (30%) will be employed during the final evaluation.

Currently, 20 contestants from different countries have already applied for the championship. The organizers believe that sexual orientation can strategically influence performance and anticipate that other European countries will follow suit in the future.

While numerous activities have been labeled as sports, ranging from wife-carrying and underwater hockey to extreme ironing and chess boxing, Sweden’s decision to declare sex as a sport sets a new precedent.

Predictably, the internet has been abuzz with both support and criticism regarding this development.

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