Chisom Flower, a Nigerian woman who previously accused singer David Adeleke, widely known as Davido, of impregnating her, has now issued a public apology to him.

Chisom joined a group of women who had taken to social media to make allegations of being impregnated by Davido. However, she has now expressed remorse for her actions.

Earlier, Chisom had made her claims known through a viral video and various online posts. However, she faced severe backlash from Davido’s numerous fans, who accused her of seeking attention by making false allegations.

In a recent Instagram post, Chisom revealed that her life took a negative turn as a result of the allegations she made against Davido. She disclosed that she lost her job, and her relationships with friends and family were strained.

Expressing regret, she wrote, “I deeply regret my actions, as they have cost me my job and strained my relationships with friends and family. I offer my sincere apologies to Davido for involving him in this situation. I also extend my apologies to the Nigerian people for implicating their favorite artist.”

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