“In a tumultuous scene in Ikorodu, Lagos, local residents expressed their discontent by disrupting the burial proceedings of the late singer, Mohbad, who tragically passed away at the age of 27 on Tuesday.

A widely circulated video on the internet captured the irate youths obstructing the singer’s burial, contending that his celebrity status warranted a more prestigious resting place.

At the Ikorodu cemetery, where Mohbad’s family had gathered for his interment, tensions ran high as the impassioned youths insisted that the singer deserved a more fitting farewell.

The unfolding drama has drawn reactions from netizens, with Ada Mmaramma remarking, ‘These are the problems. May God console his family.’

Atispa posed the question, ‘Who are they angry at?’

Luvluv Me questioned, ‘Do they own the cemetery?’

Meanwhile, Swanky BTC offered a satirical comment, stating, ‘Lol, Naija, the most useless nation with the most useless youths in the world.’

Maureen Rita expressed frustration, saying, ‘And the police can’t even arrest all this nuisance.'”

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