by Ibrahim Garba

…Mysterious Case of Genital Disappearance Shocks Kubwa Community

In a startling incident in the bustling Mango Tree business area of Kubwa, FCT Abuja, a 22-year-old young man named Aminu Sani found himself at the center of an eerie episode when his genitals mysteriously vanished after an encounter with a suspected ritualist.

The unusual occurrence unfolded at the crowded Mango Tree market, a popular spot along the route to Gbazango settlement. Aminu had ventured to the area to purchase food, only to become an unwitting victim of a group of ritualists.

Upon closer investigation, it was revealed that a similar incident had transpired just a day earlier, leading to the apprehension of a suspect by vigilant locals, who came perilously close to lynching the alleged perpetrator.

Kubwa’s Mango Tree district is a thriving hub for small-scale businesses that remain open well into the midnight hours, attracting residents and commercial motorcycle operators seeking culinary delights.

Unfortunately, the area lacks a visible police presence or vigilante protection, leaving it vulnerable to such heinous crimes.

Aminu’s parents and concerned neighbors are desperately seeking a solution to restore the young man’s lost anatomy, as he grapples with worry and confusion in the aftermath of the bizarre incident.

Petty traders in the area have united in their plea to FCT Minister Nyesom Wike and the FCT Police Command, urging swift action to establish a dedicated patrol team in the vicinity to prevent future incidents.

As of the time of this report, efforts to reach the Area Command of the Police remain unsuccessful, while Aminu’s parents continue their desperate mission to recover their son’s missing organ, leaving the community gripped by shock and apprehension.

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