Major General Mohammed Umar, the former Group Managing Director and Vice Chairman of the Nigerian Army Properties Limited, has been found guilty of 14 out of 18 counts, including theft, document forgery, conspiracy to commit fraud, and unlawful diversion of Army property by the Nigerian Army’s Special Court Martial (SCM).

Among the charges, Umar was convicted of collecting $1,047,400 owed by shipping companies for using the Nigerian Army Jetty in Lagos and of allegedly stealing $430,800 deposited into the Nigeria Army Domiciliary account at Unity Bank for the Jetty’s use.

He was also found responsible for taking N74 million out of N75 million paid to the Nigerian Army for the Ikoyi property.

However, he was acquitted of charges related to selling N200 million in Lagos, stealing N750 million from banks, and forging a deed of Agreement regarding another Army property.

The Special Court Martial, consisting of seven Major Generals, one Brigadier General, and a Judge Advocate, will decide on Umar’s sentencing in the coming week. Despite appearing in court in a wheelchair, President Major-Gen Myam confirmed that Umar had undergone necessary medical tests to prove his fitness to stand trial.

The prosecution was led by Col BA Ogununtayo, Rtd., while the Defense was led by Olaekan Objojo, SAN.

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